Kowloon night walk

Refeshed by the views and vino in Ritz Lounge Bar head back to central HK so can get the star ferry across. As the international commerce building is in kowloon station it’s quite a walk to Tsim Sha Tsui – downtown Kowloom its easiest to head back to central for the super cheap and quick ferry – only takes about 10mins to get across but has more amazing views. Good to see views from the kowloon harbour side take a nice stroll along to avenue of stars. Frustratingly it’s closed for refurb- missed it by few weeks and not sure the relocation area so just gives a reason to come back, along with visiting Ozone Bar . Instead use the time to mooch about kowloon checking out Nathan road and all the cool little shops and street food places but not realising was just a few stops from the temple street night market – so opting for a less local and traditional but awesome freshly cooked pizza slice! Lots more to explore in Kowloon but no time, so will have to wait for the next visit!

21st October 2015

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